Saturday, December 01, 2007

A second give away and a visit from my twin

First the giveaway..
The previous post was my 200 post.. Imagine that, I had 200 different things in 200 different days to talk about, and here I thought my life was uneventful..!

So to celebrate this, I'm giving every body a chance to win a mystery gift (the reason it's a mystery is that I haven't figure out what would it be yet, but trust me it will be good) . All you have to do is the usual, leave a comment here and I will have a draw in a few days to pick up a name.

I finally got a visit from my crafty twin last night, I managed to start the bag I was commissioned to do and to decorate these with a dotted ribbon

and to turn this..

which I got from Bahrain ages ago, to this..

Details of the sides...

It was a really enjoyable projects, painting, decoupaging and some added embellishments, what's not to like..

I also want to share this with you, I got that for my crafty moments and I just love it so much I take it with me every where..

It's a mini FM radio, pictured there next to a small glue stick for measurement. So that's all for now I'll be waiting for your comments, just remember it's going to be a nice gift once I decide on it


Anonymous said...

ياناس على الراديو الصغنطوط دا مرة حلو
مبرووك عليك الأغراض والتغيييرات والبوست ال200
عقبال ما افوز بالهدية خخخخخ
مو كأنه كان قريب بوستك المية ماشالله الأيام تمشي

Ayesha said...

I was looking for 'babysitter' in Alkhobar, and I 'bumped' into your blog (probably coz u have used word baby sit in a Dec 2006 post). It was so interesting that I stopped looking for the babysitter and went through all your posts. The nice 'artistic' things that you do, the cute kids around you, the 'pool' that you swim in and the sofa set. But who is ur twin????A lot of people take photographs but the way you have organized them is marvellous.
Excellent excellent effort.
Good luck. & here I resume my babysitter search, I am planning to take up a job very soon inshallah. (I am new in your town where my husband has taken up a job). Hey can you recommend some English speaking baby sitter in Alkhobar (North)???

nasira said...

As salamalaikum. I am looking for a babysitter too. Gosh, everyone's clueless about daycare here. I'm new to the city, and alhamdulilah I've started Quran classes. But I'm pregnant and my 18 month old is a great explorer. I've only completed Juz 1, and it seems to me that unless I get some help, I will have to quit my study. D'ya know anyplace I can leave my kid while I go to Quran class? If you do please email me at