Monday, June 22, 2009

Another book

I just updated my blog/shop with a new baby boy album.. It's taking me a long time to finish an album , although if I really sat there to work on it in quiet well lit room ( unlike the gloomy dark room filled with sounds of cartoons or Hanna Montana songs! ) I could finish it in less than a day..

I think it is really hard working with this right beside me singing in my ears...

Although I love being with her, since she is always sitting under my table working with her stuff, she keeps giving me handmade gifts and cards I will soon run out of room for them all lol..

So life is good when I can work with my stuff.. I am finding it hard to use my things without buying new ones , but i have to , and inshallah one day I will be able to go to Dubai again and get me some new stamps and punches and papers and make more stuff.. Or I can learn how to get things online :P

So check my shop.. ;)

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Anonymous said...

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