Sunday, January 02, 2011

Screening my place

My place is lovely mashallah and I am mad about it.. But, It has no entrance.. you walk in the door straight to the living room.. And I mean straight..!

So being the privacy freak I am , plus it is important to be covered from the outer world, I had many ideas to have a barrier next to the door separating it from the living room, even if partially.
But the room is already smallish and every clever thought I had meant taking from the space, and I love to have space.

So mom suggested I use one of her divider screens, she had them from long time ago and is being used once a week.I agreed for sure, because I already looked hard for good screens and I couldn't find, and I needed to separate the areas now with what I got till I find a better one. The problem is it looks bland.

So i managed to make it more me using a roll of wall paper I got from Laura Ashley while in Bahrain.. I think it looks much better.

At least we don't have to move every time we have to open the door :P
Our neighbor bought a small bunny, and my little princess fell in love with it, they came visiting one day and I couldn't resist taking pictures...

Hope you have a good week.

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لزوز الارنوب