Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Love Cath Kidston...! and other things.

I came back from an 8 days trip to England, the main reason for it was to attend my sister's wedding, the other reason was to visit a Cath Kidston shop...kidding lol :P

The wedding was so lovely mashallah, the couple looked great and I wish them happiness from all my heart. The whole atmosphere was very friendly and joyfull , we had a great time and made new friends.. I am so glad I could make it.

It was cold but I was stronger than I feared and took it well,I even enjoyed it!.. After a three days stay for the wedding with my family, we went to London to have a 4 day sight seeing , shopping and friend-meeting vacation.
I met my friend who went to live there a year ago with her family and had a great time, and mom's friend came and stayed with us for a while.

And we come to the best thing in my trip... CATH KIDSTON....yaaay !!
I was dreaming a lot of visiting a shop, and buying one of each of thier good things ... I got many things but not as much as I hoped for... I will have to go again and again inshallah...

So that's all for now, I'll have to comeback with more pictures after I put what I bought in the right places, but here is a glimpse, I got those from London after admiring them online for some time ;)
Have a nice week.


MoOon Lady said...

It looks very wonderful trip, congratulations to your sister. I wish happiness to her in all her life.

Moka said...

I'm happy for you;)and I wish a happieness life to your sister .