Wednesday, February 02, 2011

We did this, we did that...

Although it was only a 7 day trip, we did manage to squeese in a few nice things, and a  lot of shopping, for what is London without the shopping lol

We managed to see most of the important sights, and shopped at most of the well known areas, just so that the kiddo will remember she did see the famous things in London.

I'll leave you with some pics of our trip, hope to do it again soon..

at the blue water mall in Kent
 The next morning of the wedding, walking around at the farm which it was held in
 Acting girly in madame Tussuad's
 All those sweets, we wanted all .. :P
 In the London's eye with big ben in the background
 Went crazy at the Disney store! we both did lol
 With the birds in front of the sea life aquarium in London.. It was a cold day
 Cute little sign in front of a nice shop.. Isn't she cute mashallah?

And I also wish to have a prayer for my friends in Egypt, through these hard times, I am not able to reach them to see how r they doing. I just wish they are all well.

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