Friday, February 11, 2011

Sad heart..

It seems like it was ages ago that I was talking about London and the good times we had there.. This last week was so hard on all my family, and many others too.
My beloved uncle passed away in his sleep.. He was 57 and he was in general good health. We were with him the night before, and we were joking around and laughing. I consider myself lucky to have seen him that night.

The news was very shocking to all of us, we were in fear of his dad-my grandfather- passing away any minute, since he is very sick and old.. But Allah chose my uncle to go..He is greatly missed.

He was a great person, everyone loved him, and everyone had something good to say about him. He was a very good son to his parents, and they are in a very sad condition, now that he is gone.

We all miss him and keep thinking that he might come back suddenly, like he went suddenly.. But we have faith in our hearts that he is inshallah in a better place, and we will join him there someday inshallah.

Goodbye my dear uncle, you were very understanding to me and my sadness once.. and you will always be in my heart and thoughts.. I love you.


Anonymous said...

افتقدناه وفقدناه الله يرحمه ويجعل مثواه الجنة ما يملى مكانه أحد كان زي الخيمة مظللنا كلنا

هناء said...

الله يرحمه ويغفر له .. هو ، قد أفضى إلى ما قدم .. لعله قدم براً وحباً وكرماً والله شكور ، والله حميد ، والله كريم .. نحن : ماذا سنقدم لنلقى ؟