Saturday, February 26, 2011

The month with all the sad news..

7amdillah, so far it is a month that had too much sadness, after my uncle's sudden death Allah yir7amu, we received the news my stepfather passing away last week. He was sick with cancer, but it didn't kill him, he died with something else, and suddenly too.. Allah yir7amu, he was a great step dad for me, treated me just like his own and loved me a lot. I loved him too, but after him splitting up with my mom we weren't close to each other, but I am thankful that I talked to him one last time in his final days..

I know too much sadness gets me into depression , and I am struggling with that as it is, but we have a belief that they are all in better place inshallah, and that they would have wanted us to be happy and move on with life.. Life goes on and they will always be in our hearts.

It wasn't all sad news, I did a very interesting thing too , something I always wished for and enjoyed it to the max.. But I feel my stepfather deserves a whole post, so I will talk about that later on inshallah.

May you rest in peace, you will be forever in our hearts.. I love you.

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