Wednesday, October 06, 2010

More new home touches

I spent the last few days on my sewing machine ( which I forgot about for a while ) trying to finish all the cushion covers I was planning on.. as u may remember I have all white sofas ( which gets dirty very easily :P ) and I wanted to add some colors through those cushions.

I will be expecting some friends to stay over for a few days ,and what better time than now to actually do that project I have been prepared for since 3 months ago !:P
It took me some time and a lot of energy and mess to get this look...

The two larger ones were the hardest , since it was my first attempt to sew ruffles and get a clean look for my cushion cover, I usually sew two squares together and just change them permanently when I am bored with them ( which happens a lot ) but this time I made it as a cover with an opening at the back,and ironed it really well on each and every step.. Impressive lol
 I used some weird sources for fabric, a few Cath Kidston kitchen towels mom got me from the UK , a few Cath Kidston fabric,same source not same trip , a pillow case (the sheet is being used in the laundry room as a curtain to seperate it from the guest toilet) ,an old pyjama top and a sheet of fabric with hat petterns printed on it which I got some time the obvious dotty fabric from my lovely stash..

I also did two more, forgot to take pictures of. oh well next time inshallah .
I am happy these days , since it became autumn (in theory only it's still hot in here ) the sun is visiting me more than before, for a longer time.I love the sun, I just hope my candles won't melt lol.

I also -finally- arranged my much adored collection of my gray furry best friend (Tatty teddy ) I added a few new ones and I am still wanting more... Oh the happiness I get by looking at that face ..sigh .! :P

That's all for now, my friends inshallah will be arriving in the weekend and I can't wait to show them my new place :D
Have a nice weekend.

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