Thursday, October 14, 2010

Come have teacupcake with me :D

Last night I had my dear friend angel eyes visiting , we watched a scary movie, ( haunting in connecticut) and enjoyed a bit of conversation and a cup of teacupcake.. Ok so that is what they call it, I got it from Virgin while I was in Cairo, and I was just waiting for the right time till I can try it.. And yesterday it was that day.

It's a silicone cupcake mold that comes in the form of a tea cup, it's so cute and girly, and comes in a set of four in a box.

We haven't made cupcakes in a long time, so we enjoyed this process the kiddo and I , while really admiring the pink color and the sweet smell of strawberry. And yes I used a ready cake mix for my cupcakes :P

While I was in the guest mood, i used my new serving plates, filled them with crackers and salty treats, I felt happy playing house with my dear friend.. lol .

Can you spot the clock I hanged on the wall behind the seat? it was from my old craft room and I just used an already there nail to hang it from. I might change it's place in the near future but this will be good for now.

I love having my home, and people to visit me again :D 7amdilla
Have a nice weekend.

P.s : the movie was a bit weird, I didn't like it much :P

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Anonymous said...

that was gorgeous..i like to set with you and do something we're sharing.