Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Lighting my night..

Ok so I thought of clever titles but I couldn't find any lol..
I did it again, long time without posting, but I had good reasons, my net was off. I had some trouble with my connections and went netless for a long time, I also went nuts because of that :P

Anyways , back to the title, I wanted something to introduce the new floor lamp I got. I fell in love with it straight away and got it without thinking, I even got a hanging one similar to it for the living room, but it's not installed yet

What do you think? what sold it to me was the lace-like little cuts, and the crystals, or crystal-like thingies.
I know my english is incredible lol.

and in case I didn't show my other lamp, here it is ( I got it from Jeddah )

So now I have the right mood to sit and watch TV late at night and just relax.

We went to Jeddah in the weekend to attend my friend's wedding. She's more like a sister and her wedding was very nice mashallah, different from all our weddings, it started in the late afternoon and we stayed there till only 8 at night. She had it on a moving boat in a closed area with windows all over and a DJ. Lovely wedding mashallah she looked gorgeous, I wish her all the happiness in the world.

My other friend will come to visit inshallah in a few days, I feel excited to see her and show her my new place, I feel like a kid :P
The sad news is that my childhood friend has discovered her husband has cancer, they are in Canada now and he started his treatment, I pray for them all the time, strength for her and health for him, may Allah help them and be with them.

I am working on a project now, but it's a relatively big one and I am getting slow with age :P so inshallah pictures soon.
Have a nice weekend ;)


Anonymous said...

wow mashalla i like the wedding idea.


Anonymous said...

and what a bout the project?hmmmm