Thursday, October 25, 2007

Home sweet home.. Blog sweet blog

I'm finally back..! after what seemed like the longest two weeks ever, we are in our house again, and I'm sitting in my room, in front of my computer, posting in my blog.. I missed that a lot..

The last two weeks were spent between Taif, Jeddah and Makkah. And it was filled till the last minute of being sick, sneezing, coughing and runny noses. And now that we are back home we are feeling much better 7amdillah.

So I don't have much to share about the trip and any picture I have will be hard to get right now , since coming back home means a lot of unpacking and laundry, plus I had a new phone so the pictures are all scattered between old and new phones. Soon inshallah.

So I just wanted to say I really missed you guys, and those coming days I will really need being here with you and reading your comments since I'll be going through some rough times, more news about that later inshallah, right now all I want to do is to get updates from all the blogs I love to read and to figure out a way to clean the messes in my life, starting with the luggage..!

Hope to see you soon with pictures inshallah.
(p.s I wish that my house looked like that from the outside, I got this picture from somewhere on the net as usual)


moonface1211 said...

حمد لله على سلامتك وحشتينا والله
ومبروك على الجوال الجديد وسلامات من المرض ان شالله تكوني احسن
نستنا صورك
نتقابل على خير

ريال مدريد said...

الحمدلله ع السلامة :) وحشتينا كتير انت و اللوج.. ان شاء الله كل شي يتيسر في حياتك...