Monday, October 05, 2009

Cake class number 3

It was a fun day on Saturday we had the third class, a lot of tip training and cupcakes to decorate at the end. ( mine were light pink with a yellow flower on top)

I went there with a mildly stiff neck, with the work and the big bag carrying and the ac hitting me so cold I came back suffering from a great pain. I tried everything, hot pads, pain creams massaging, even more hot pads I feel my neck and back r roasted..! Nothing is working so far. But 7amdillah it's getting less painful a bit.

Anyways, another reason for Saturday to be great for me, is that I found out while talking to the ladies in the course about many different things and we discovered we both love scrapbooking.. We were really happy to hear that we had future dreams of crop sessions and maybe even classes for other future scrapboking lovers.. I can't wait for that :)

Ok so I'll leave you with the pictures , sorry about the quality of them they are from my mobile and the lighting there isn't the greatest ,

The scary/cute clown.. I don't like clowns..:S

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moonface1211 said...

والله حلو مشالله تسلم يدك حتى المهرج حلو ههههه اكيد مايعجبك عشان رقبتة وضهرك ماتشوفي شر