Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cake decorating

I started a course on cake decorating on Saturday, it is a two week course, 4 lessons each lesson for 3 hours. A short one but this is only the first course.

What we are learning now I already took in my last semester at college, but that was , ehem, 10 years ago and I felt I needed some refreshing to my memory.

So on Saturday I went there happy that I didnt have to bring anything with me but my enthusiasm, which I did.. the class had 11 other ladies and they all seemed nice, the instructer looked friendly and the kit they gave us made me feel excited, I love

We started by learning how to make the icing, and then using the icing bags and different piping heads ( my terms for that stuff is very wrong I'm sure :P ) then moved on to leveling the cake and splitting it in half then spreading the icing and smoothing it, which happens to be my weakness in college.. But I did great well , trying to remember I am here to have fun not to be judged and put marks to like old days.

On teusday, we had to bring our own cake and icing, unlike the first class were it was all provided for us, which was a headache just thinking of having to do it. But then in the last minutes after I made everything with hte help of my dear friend, I thought to myself, why did I make such a big deal out of it??

We learned this time how to make the starts, writing and the heart of the rose shape. Then we went on to decorate our own cakes. Mine was a baby carriage which broke while I was tranferring it, but I did a good job hiding the big cracks if i may say so myself lol

I didn't have time to finish it (it is all piped stars) and by the time I was home I was dead tired and my kid and mom had their eyes on the cake anyways, so I just left it as it is.

In general it's a nice thing to do, meeting people who enjoys the same thing you do, talking , joking and doing something creative and artistic.. I love it.


Redrose said...

mashallah very cute and quite good for the first lesson :)

moonface1211 said...

ماشالله روعة تسلم يدك
يالله انبسطي قد ما تقدري كويس انك اتعرفتي على ناس جدد يشاركوكي نفس الإهتمامات

Anonymous said...

masha allah.... very nice.. and looks deliciouse too... have fun :)