Thursday, September 03, 2009

Back home

Hi all, I'm baaaack..:P
Well it was a very nice vacation mashallah, mostly family and friends visits which I missed for almost two years since I last was in Jeddah.. Ofcourse that was after the kiddo was done from her chicken pox..!

We didn't do much beside those visits but what's there to see other than malls ans restaurants? Khobar is already filled and that's all we can do in our daily life anyways lol.

The little one had so much fun mashallah staying at grandpa's house, seeing her lovely aunty and playing with many cousin's and friends.

I had a great time visiting two of my friend's shops... Actually one is a bridal shop that is so cute mashallah, the other is a art center to teach painting and crafts classes.. I just loved the work my friend did on her place mashallah, I feel jealous.. good jealous :P

I'll leave u with some pictures.. Have a very nice day.

On our way there, keeping herself busy in the airplane.

Avery nice looking , and yummy cake my friend got us one day..

On our way back, a very bored kid kept playing with all thee bags she could get from the seats around us , she made a small shop selling bags and books and imaginery

Anice view from my window.. I just love the looks of clouds and sky from up there.

Doesn't this cloud look like snoopy???

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Anonymous said...

إلا في شبه هههههههههه
حمد لله انكم انبسطوا وحلوة الصور ماشالله عجبني محل صاحبتك :)عقبالك