Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eid... wish it was here more often :)

Hi all, Hope you had a happy two day Eid so far, we had the best mashallah.. It was a great eid this year, I felt great and happy and calm and enjoyed every minute of my days 7amdilla.

So of course we started with the decoration and gift wrapping.. Not very elaborate but still festive.

The morning of Eid the men of the family came for breakfast and we opened the gifts , who could sleep during the night when there r many gifts to be opened just hours away? not a certain little one.. :)

At night the whole family came to our house for dinner, more gift opening and a lot of fun for both kids and adults..

Posing for the cameras..

Playing secret games..

Having screamy fun with the papr shreds pops we had..

Squoshed by my side to watch pictures on the electronic frame mom got for eid..

Playing with real life farmville toy.. ( we are an addicted family to farmville :P )

Same for the second day..

Dancing around..

I got a few great gifts, and a bit of money ;) but these two are the most I wanna share, one is very cute and unexpected (from mommy dearest )

The other is very usefull, fun and awaited by my great aunty and cousins ( I asked for it in my wishlist )

Thanks you all, love you :X:X:X:X

In a few words, Thanks Allah for this Eid, it was - and still is - a great time for all of us .


Redrose said...

alhamdulillah it is the happiest and most peaceful Eid we ever had in Alkhobar :)

moonface1211 said...

مبرووك عليكي الهدايا
انبسطنا معاكم