Tuesday, November 10, 2009

cake course 2..

I finished my second course some time ago, I have been absent for so long from my poor blog, guess I was trying to get my living space in order so I made a few changes resulting in leaving my PC in a corner not working for a while..

Anyways, last Friday during our family gathering I finally finished a whole cake using the dried up flowers we have been doing the classes..

I'll leave u with pictures..

Icing the cake..

Basket weave..

Adding the flowers..

Adding more greens and borders..

It was supposed to a cupcake cake, big one but it didnt work out, so i used the bottom and left the top. but then thought i would try to decorate that as well with leftover icing for the fun of it. It looks ok doesn't it? :P

So that's the main thing I did since, can't rememebr when. Besides school and waking and sleeping and studying..
Hope your life is good and peaceful :)

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