Sunday, June 24, 2007

Drinking water

I know how important it is to drink water, especially in this hot weather, that's why I keep a bottle of water on my desk to sip from it every now and then.

I got my daughter a small bottle with Disney's princesses on it, and she liked drinking from it too, but then one day in Debenhams, I saw this..( the one with the princesses is her old bottle)

I just couldn't resist this cuteness, to tell the truth I wanted to get it for myself, but I knew that we were going to fight over it, and it doesn't look good to my mommy image to fight my almost 4 year old over a toy! So I gave it to her..

Just look at the detailed bottle that looks exactly like the bigger one we have...

So she is very happy with it, drinking every few seconds mashallah, and I'm happy looking at it in my crafts room.
Now if I can only get me a real sized one just like it .. hmmm!


Anonymous said...

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real madrid said...

mashAllah very very nice!!..looks so real!!.. :)