Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Updates on the birds

So the windows are cleaned and I can take better pictures of the birds, we've been waiting for them to come and every time they do they run a way as soon as we come near the window, but this little fellow seems to be so hungry he doesn't mind us watching and taking pictures, my kid is having a good time watching him eating..

About the bags, I had to have two more because, hmmm, because I liked the color combinations.. with blues and greens .


moonface1211 said...

يجنن العصفور ايوة هادي الصور احلى بكتيير يالله انبسطي معاهم وكمان لك اجر

Redrose said...

oh they are so cute...I think they are sparrows...I might use this picture on my homepage lol...really :)