Saturday, June 09, 2007

Planting a bean

Not any bean, a giant magical beanstalk..!
Well I got these cute cans than when you open them they contain a bean to grow, all you need is water, sun and a cool place, and when they grow you can read what's written on them. My uncle is managing his kids toys store and he sell these, I liked the idea of the cans so I bought 4 of them, and now after a week all four beans are up and I can almost read the notes on them. My daughter keeps looking at them every once in a while and today she wanted to take them out herself...! So inpatient I wonder where she gets it from ( whistles innocently)

Any ways, aside from the beans I have nothing to say, unless you are in the mood for some whining and a lot of complaining which I'm sure you aren't!

So see you when I have something better to say, have a nice week.

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moonface1211 said...

يالله لما تطلع العبارات قوليلي اش طلعلك وانا كمان استنى حقتي لمما تطلع اوريكم هي