Monday, June 11, 2007

Bean bag

That was beans and bags not a bean bag..

Well I had all my bags quilted finally, and ready o assemble.

I really don't know if the hard work is done or is still to come. Anyways however hard it is it's still fun to do when I'm in the mood, and looks like mashallah I'm in the mood.. Just hope I stay there.

And my beans are all bigger and taller mashallah and I can see their leaves. I

like looking at them every morning to see how much they grew from last night, and my kid loves them too. And it reads.. Mom is giving, don't stop dreaming, laughter is the key to soul and regret washes the soul, this I didn't understand! Anyways it was fun waiting for the saying in the bean..

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moonface1211 said...

ماشالله حلوة ألواان الشنط بالذات اول وحده تسلم الأيادي