Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It's cleaning day

Or at least half cleaning since I only did half the house ( the upper one since we spend most of our days and all our nights sleeping in) So I've been postponing this day for a long time now doing only some tidying up and a few cleaning mini projects.. But today I decided that I've had enough and started doing things my way which is the hard way, since as my husband like to put it i sleep for a long time then decide to do everything at the same time so I get extra tired and hate house work more and more ( If only this is possible!)

So Why is it that cleaning to me is like having a surgery? I dread it , I run away from it, I wish I had someone else to do it.. And of course I love a clean house, I just wish I wasn't the one doing the cleaning part..! Anyways I guess most people don't like to do that work either, with the exception of a few who use it as therapy or a workout, which I hate too. Well I feel a question forming in your mind.. " what does she like??" Aha I knew you would think that..
Well for one I like to have cute cleaning supplies such as these ( which aren't mine I found the picture in one of the blogs , sorry I don't remember which one)

Well you will find my house with many cute stuff to clean, want to come and help me use them? I didn't think so..


moonface1211 said...

ههههه ضحكتيني قليل الي يحب التنظيف والترتيب بصراحه أنا ما احبهم بس اسويهم علشان ما احب اشوف شي قدامي مكركب ولا مو نضيف ما ارتاح نفسياًههههه ويوم تلاقيني اسوي كل شي ارتب وانضف وارفع واقعد كم يوم ما اسوي شي ادري مو صح بس العجز بعيد عنك

Redrose said...

i guess nobody really enjoys housework,except a few but u gotta do what u gotta's a must!