Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A great day

Yesterday we had one of the best days that a person can have mashallah, mom and my kid and I went to visit our friend's house ( the mom is mom's old time friend , the daughter is my childhood friend, and her kids go very well with my daughter so it's a win win win situation when we are together) and we went swimming in her compound swimming pool , it was very fun with all the kids and moms and grand moms together,especialy in the hot weather, and after a long time without swimming. we had the best times.

Then we continues our time in her house with the youngest of the kids playing upstairs and the baby mostly in my arms ( gosh I love the feeling of tiny babies mashallah and this one is so cute) , us mothers spent the time talking, laughing and snacking.. I really had a very good time , a relaxed and fun time.

We also played and laughed at their three little kittens, they are lovely mashallah and sleep in the most funny ways.

Well all I can say is thanks to Allah for friends, life is a much better place with them.(below is an old picture of me and my friend taken in the same age as our kid's photo above, do we look similar?)

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moonface1211 said...

ماشالله شكلكم انبسطتوا فعلاً القعده مع الصاحبات غيييير فيها بسطة وجو حلو من زمااان عن صاحباتي ان شالله اذا ربي رزقني ورحت مكة اجتمع بيهم زي زمان هم بيستنوني عشان نجتمع
شكلك رهيييب في الصورة وانت صغيرة كأنك انت زي ما انت ما تغيرت بس طولت خخخخ