Saturday, June 07, 2008


I've been tagged-for the first time - by my friend angel eyes..
And I have to answer these questions..

*Best school year ( or years)
I have to say elementary and high school.. both were very nice each on it's own way

*Worst year
My 7th grade , I was just transferred from Khobar to Jeddah and it felt bad..

*Best teachers
I have to say my first grade teacher, and my high school physics teacher

*Best school subject
math and Arabic grammar ( قواعد)

*Worst subjects
I would have to say biology and history and geography . even though i love traveling and historic places , but the subjects were really taught badly here .. :P

*Last degree and major
I have a bachelor's degree in food and nutrition.

*Funniest moments during school years
Hmmmmm... nothing that funny, mostly good times in high schools with friends when we used to go to each other for visits or have a party in school.. good times.

* worst moments
I think it was in the 6th grade when one of the teachers accused me and my friend of stealing things from her classroom, and insisted to search our bags in front of everyone in the classroom.. But it turned out a happy ending because after we complained to the principle, she came and talked to us in front of everyone and made that teacher apologize for such a humiliating behavior.. ugh bad memory.

ok sorry i can't think of enough energy to translate this to Arabic loool lazy me.. and I pass this to um Adnan ..if she will be wanting to do it..lool

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Anonymous said...

شكراً على الإجابات

من شي يقهر لمن احد يشك فيك وانت ما عملتي شي

بس حبيت اسألك الكلام مو واضح في بلقي ؟