Sunday, June 01, 2008

More kids, and popcorn..

This time, it's my girl with her cousins..
Mashallah they are getting older and the little one is wobbly walking now.. So cute

I got this bowl for popcorn,

it reminded me of the cups they give in the cinema.. and every one who knows me sure knows how much I love the movies, and whatever remind me of it..

They are smallish and made of ceramic.. I got three of those, and just waiting for a chance to be able to see one of the hundreds of movies i got in the house.. I prefer going to the real cinema..

Bahrain... Here I come.. (not today though I am a bit busy putting together my kid's bunk bed .. pictures coming soon inshallah ..)

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moonface1211 said...

كيوت صحن الفشار
بعدين قوليلي اش الأفلام الحلوةشكله فلم