Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My first zippered pouch..and other things

I finaly had the courage to try sewing zippers, my aunt asked for a pouch ages ago and I kept delaying things because I was scared of trying my hands with zippers, but after reading a tutorial in one of the blogs,I tried it and it turned out verry easy and verry verry nice looking ( If I may say so ) so atlast I can now do other things.
speaking of other things.. I finished the black and white bag for my cousin and guess what, her mother ( my mom's aunt) liked the colors so much she ordered two..!! Two more black and white combinations..! not that I'm not grateful she liked my bags and ordered another two ( she already ordered a blue one) but black and white..well, not all people like color like I said. But I'm really happy that someone is ordering bags even if they are the same color.
So the other picture up there is for a mat I baught for my kitchen floor, I like these old looking pictures and it seems cool in the kitchen, because I don't cook much but when I do I do it with love ;)
Have a nice day

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