Friday, February 20, 2009

Finish your cereal...

And use the box for a useless project, The kind you would do to make your kid amused of your creativity, or just when you don't feel that you have the energy for a real crafty project.

I've been sick for a while, but 7amdillah not so sick I can't move or try to do small things.. Like this one..

I used an empty cereal box and cut the flaps.. ( this is not a paid advertisement :P )

Then cut the sides 10 cm down one side.. On both faces of the box..( does that sentence makes any sense?? )

Wrapped it with a princesses gift paper, and then a clear plastic sticky paper...

And got a happy kid with a place to put her magazines in...

Next time I have to get a bigger cereal box... Or just buy a ready magazine holder from Ikea..:P

I bought a new thing..

It's a toothpaste and brushes holder, but the red carnation I got from my friend on V's day looks lovely there doesn't it?

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