Thursday, February 12, 2009

something fishy...

And that is my kid's new goldfish.. Her name is bomboj, why this name you ask? because long time ago we got her a goldfish which we named it after her own nickname , one of them at least. And no it has no meaning, it's just a name we liked calling her by.

So the old fish is dead , and miraculously she remembers her, ( she was two i think) and wanted to have another one that looks exactly like her to call her the same name as if it was still the same fish... Strange but so what..!

So I got her one, and she insisted on having only one, with an orange aquarium to match.
So far she is happy with her, keeps her company when she sleeps in her room at night. I used to have one too when I was in high school and it kept me company at night also, any strange sound I would hear would be coming from my small tiny fish.. Again strange, but so what??

So i am working on the V's day cards.. |i can't find my craftiness, maybe because I am having a very bad headache that wouldn't go away? Or because it's been a while since i last made cards..

Anyways i am enjoying playing with my papers and other stuff...

And so is my kid who made the floor under my working table her place to work..

Creative :P

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