Sunday, March 01, 2009

Strange weather.. Stranger kids

Strange post title lol..
First about the strange weather.. It's been windy and dusty for a day.. So dusty that sometimes when I went out at noon to get my kid back from school we couldn't see the street and cars ahead of us, scary..

Then suddenly the next day it got rainy and cloudy and very very wonderful , everybody went out to enjoy that weather, I loved to sit for a while in our front yard where my mom proudly takes care of her flowers and plants..

They say tomorrow might get dusty again... Unpredictable.

And about the strange kids, when we gathered for the Friday family lunch, the kids went playing hide and seek.. There were 5 kids in the house...
Guess who was hiding :P

Cute mashallah.. I love how kids just enjoy doing anything lol.

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moonface1211 said...

جو يجنن حمد لله اخيرا مطر