Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ikea again

I had to buy another thing for my room, believe me I had to :P

So look at this area and tell me I don't need to get a better storage for my make up/ accessories/ hair products stuff..

This was in my kid's old room, I took it to my room but it was bad for storing things, too low for a mirror that I can actually see myself in and just plain boring.
When I saw this piece I just thought it would look great in that small area between my closet and the door,

the black will stand out and the mirror is in a good height for me to apply makeup or do my hair, as if I do any of those lately, but I will one day and when I do I'll need a good mirror :P

While I was in Ikea I just couldn't help taking a picture of this sign.. It has a big spelling error and looks funny .

I saw these in another shop, they were on sale, a set of three for 10 ryals, I just couldn't leave them behind now could I ? I just have to think of things to do with them. I already have a set in hot pink where I store my pens , pencils and scissors.. Maybe I could use those for other tools? or just plants.. Naaah more tools probably.

So it's boring here, dust and wind then rain and wind and I just heard someone saying a storm is coming.. Well what can we do... Nothing I guess.

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