Friday, March 13, 2009

playing with my stamps..(finally)

Last night was the kiddo's night with her dad, so I had the whole evening for me to do as I want , and even though I had 7 new movies to watch I decided to do something crafty.

I have a big collection of stamps and inks, and colored markers and embossing powder with heat embossing tool... And yet I never really stamped anything. I told you I am a big collector.

So I took out one of my stamps, I started to experiment.. And I am telling u, getting a clear stamped picture is not as easy as I thought it would be..:P

Anyways after a few tries I got a good one that I liked..

Started coloring it, using a mix between markers and coloring pencils , And got this look..

Not professional but will do. It doesn't look like much now but after mounting a few patterned papers with the stamped image I think it looks kind of good...

What do u think? maybe some embellishments to complete the card? and i apologize for the not so clear quality of the pictures, it was very late and I was stamping while watching a scary movie on tv... ALONE !


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