Sunday, March 22, 2009


I love reading, I can't say that I am a very good reader, since most of what I read are novels, the rest would be craft and decorating books.. Not much of a read, more like looking at pictures :P

Lately I've been interested in the books of Paulo Coelho , the writer of the " The Alchemist" my mom was reading it in Arabic and the nice parts she kept reading to me now and then made me want to read it, but I don't like reading Arabic so I got it in english and just finished it.. I have to say I really liked it. A very simple yet complictaed story and very easy to follow and relate to.

When I went to buy the book I couldn't come back home with just one , so I got another two of his books, and I am really interested in starting them.
But I also happened to watch the movie " twilight" and boy was I hooked.. The best vampire movie I have ever seen, it has all the good things I always loved about vampires ( yes I confess I love vampires :P ) and it was - in my opinion - a story you wish to live (lol I can feel you being scared of me, it's ok I am normal .. most of the times )

So I went and got yet another two books, the twilight one to read all the parts that must be cut from the movie, and the second part ( there are four ) of that book.

I ended up with these waiting to be read...

I am a bit of a slow reader, since I am moody I can read half of the book in one session then forget about it for months. I just got like that ever since I had my kid, before that I wouldn't dare leave a book till it's finished and I used to read a 600 pages novel, so that would take me the whole night... AAh good old days.

And I got a new mouse, don't ask me what does that have to do with books.. I just want to share it with you.

I love it, it's very smooth mashallah and goes well with my theme, maybe I just need to make a pink mouse pad to better show the black/white of the mouse..

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