Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The most awaited room makeover pictures

Well at least I was waiting for a long time to find a good opportunity to take and post these pictures lol.

First of all you might remember the look of the empty room.. Then what I first did with it , putting the bed in the center of the room and the craft table in the alcove..
That arrangement was nice but I kept feeling that the room was so small even though in reality it is big mashallah, and I wanted to put the tv in my room since it was really invaded by the little one when it was in the living room that turned into her room.. So I had to make a place for the tv.

First thing I put the bed in the alcove, which I painted halfway pink and added some stick on black stickers from Ikea.. And used the curtains from the big bay window there. Some new beddings and my old bed skirt and I got myself a piece of heaven to sleep in.. And it's all mine hehehehehe...

That left a huuuuge space in the room for other yummy things like new expedit bookcases from guess where... Ikea of course :P one put sideways for the tv, the other had a desk attached to it. and all filled with pink and black fabric baskets to hold everything in it out of site.

and a new seat ( dunno what it is called , a long legged chair?? ) try to ignore the currently on the floor frame I posted about some time ago, I need to hang it. And that is a new lamp..

I kept my fabric chest of drawers in it's place but put on new curtains which I like more than the old ones , and managed to do some decoration there.

and all around the room I put some more black and white touches, like the makeover I gave my monitor.. which remind me I finally fixed my pc thanks to Allah , I felt lost without it .

I still want to do a few more things with my white closets.. soon inshallah.

I love my room now mashallah.. If only I can make my kid keep it tidy and clean by leaving her things in her room...

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