Friday, May 09, 2008

Too much work..

To achieve something that I don't really find very good.. not like I imagined it to be, But let me start from the begening..

First I decided which fabric to use. Too many options in my black,white and pink theme.. But i got settles on those..

Then using my square template, I started cutting many many many squares from all the fabrics..

Sewed them together.. 8 meters made of blocks..

Ironed them flat, then ironed one seam using a heat-a-bond tape..

sewed the band into a store bought white bed skirt..

Ironed and put in it's place..

I don't like it very much...!

Maybe after I start and finish with my black quilted bed spread it will look decent..
What do you think?
( forgive the dirty black carpet, and the un ironed well bed skirt, I tried the best I could..)

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ملاك said...

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