Sunday, May 25, 2008

Keep notes

I had this big cork tile for ages, I can't even remember where did I get it from,and I've always wanted to have a fabric covered bulletin board..

So that day I was feeling sick from my cold, but still needed to do something, when I noticed the cork tile just sitting there doing nothing , looking ugly..

When I tried to deal with it, it broke, first I felt mad, but then discovered that this way it would fit perfectly over my soon to be sewing area.

So I picked my fabrics, planned the style, sewed them all together with a rik rak trim and a pocket..

Glued the backs with white glue and left it for a while to dry..

And ta daaa .. I now have a cute bulletin board to keep all my precious memories where i can always see and remember them..

What do you think? I didn't have a frame for it, and I didn't know any other way to hang it there, so I just put a two sides tape there, hopefully it will keep stuck for a looong time..


moonface1211 said...

حلوة الفكرة بس كيف علقتيها في الجدار؟

Redrose said...

cute...mashallah...real cute