Monday, August 11, 2008

Some changes

We did a few changing in our house, my room used to be shared with my kid's stuff, the living room with the computer and crafts thing..

Crafting seemed very hard with the sound of cartoons all the time, and I couldn't listen to music or watch a thing while my kid watched her precious Disney channel..

Plus we bought her a bunk bed with a slide, and mom wanted it to be with her in her room , so last weekend we transferred all her things there, and I decided to take my desk and crafts to my room, and of course the computer..

the room in neon light :

In soft lights :

I had a very nice time rearranging everything and making the room look mine again, bringing in all my little memorabilia and stuffed toys, and listening to songs while doing that, without once hearing a cartoon's sound.. I am in heaven..lool

Well the room is still not yet finished, but I wanted to share some pics with u.. just try to ignore the princesses poster over the window and the drowerless cabinet, they still need to be emptied from my kid's clothes and filled with my loved fabrics..

aahhh to have everything I love in one room... I meant stuff not people lool


moonface1211 said...

حلو لما الواحد يكون له غرفة لحاله يسوي فيها الي بغاه بدون ما يزعج احد ولا احد يزعجه مبرووك عليك غرفتك الخاصة وحلوة التغييرات فيها

Redrose said...

well ,now that all that's off your chest let's see some new products and some lovely creations!!