Monday, August 18, 2008

My beloved fabrics

Now have a new place in my room.. For those who know me well, they know how important it is is for me to be surrounded by my things... Things I love and care about should always be in the same room as I am.. I feel they are safe this way.. strange yes I know.!

So this used to be a dresser with big mirrors. I removed the mirrors because I didn't like it and used it to put my girl's clothes in. Now that she has her own half room, with no place for such a big piece of furniture, I decided to store my fabrics there.

They are now organized by color.. with a whole drawer just for my pinks..!

And these are not all my fabrics , I still have some stored somewhere else, they r the bigger sized ones. Plus a few I am working on right now.

Yay.. I'm happy , I still need to label each drawer to know which color is there, saves time when looking for a certain color.

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