Saturday, March 14, 2009

kiddy crafts.. Good for grownups too !

Like I said before, I don't do playing , not always at least.. What I do and love and like and adore... ok you know what I mean, what I do is crafts.

The net is filled with crafty sites for kids, and we every now and then I would visit one of them , print out some paper and instructions and just do some project.. You see I already have a small crafts shop in my house lol.

For this cute project I used some watched and not really liked cds. And some of my papers.. My god I am using a lot of those lately I have to go and buy some more :P

We traced, cut , glued and enjoyed...

One for me..

one for her...

Plus this cute origami pink fish..

Yes even fishes can be pinks... ;)

1 comment:

Redrose said...

Nice....but the origami fish is a beaute!!