Sunday, March 02, 2008

When life gives you lemons..

Decorate them..!
Well at least that is my saying, I would prefer to think of every thing in my life as a thing that is waiting to be decorated, that's the only reason why when I have to change houses willingly or not, all I can think about is how will i decorate the rooms in that house, what colors will I pick, and what painting technique will i try..

You see it's a kind of a self defense mechanism against the negative thoughts that might associate bad moments.

And that's why these days all I can think about is how to change this...

Into something like this....

And that is only one of the schemes i thought about...!

About the friends post, I know that I haven't been making people able to show me how good a friend they are, I isolated myself somehow and just retreated inside my shell , refusing much help from others, but I think that we all cope in different ways, and my way is to not talk about my problem, and not listen to anything that might make me feel sad or bad , even if it was only meant for my own good.
But I still know how much You all care , and I still appreciate my friends and family in every way, I just need time to feel strong again, and I know that you will understand.


Redrose said...

well of course you will turn it into something more beautiful than that...
May Allah help you thru your ordeal and choose what's best for you,ameen.

moonface1211 said...

اكيد بتصير الغرفة حلوة
لاتنسي انا موجودة
وخدي راحتك متى ما حسيتي نفسك قوية وتقدري تتواصلي معانا زي اول فحياك الله

Anonymous said...

حلو اختيار الالوان ما شاء الله :)
ريال مدريد