Saturday, March 29, 2008

my new header

What do u think of it? I was trying to put this one...

But find it hard to do that, I would always end up with the title written now over the header, I don't know how to remove that.
I did that using photo shop element and a few free scrap booking files from around the net.

Anyway, I still have nothing new to share except that I had a shopping spree in the weekend for some needed stuff and some very unnecessary ones. But what can I say? nothing lift the spirit more than shopping. especially when you have the money for it.. lol

And of course 7amdillah the kid is doing much better , but after all those sick days she is getting very aggressive and hyper mashallah, well I think no matter what she is better this way. I would never want to see her sick again, inshallah never.

Hope every one had a good weekend, I just want to start doing something with my rooms, I never neglected decorating for this long..


moonface1211 said...

حلو التغيير الجديد في البلق مرة ناعم وبيلبقلك:)

Anonymous said...

lol@ "the kid". LOL.
I think youre header is very nice. its equally as cute as the one thats up there now if ya ask me. Take care and see ya soon! Are you coming tomorrow night?