Thursday, March 27, 2008

Babushka mania..

I loved my small babushka very much that yesterday I just had to make another one, this time I decided to make it into a toy like form..

Here is my lovely, still recovering daughter mashallah showing the size of it...

And since I've been sick , mom got me some pretty flowers..

So pretty, I was very happy with them because I just love Hydrangea and this is my first time to see one in real life. Besides, it's a plant so this way inshallah it might live longer.

Life can be so good 7amdillah..


Anonymous said...

wow!! mashallah where did she get those flowers??? I LOVE THEM!! I think im gonna have to stop stealing sweet and lows and start stealing your stuff. But...nah. sweetn lows are meant to be taken. Taken your stuff would be just plain stealing. But mashallah your mom is so sweet.

moonface1211 said...

حلوين الورود ماشالله ودي العروسة احلى من الأولى

وسلامات عليك كمان الله يقومك بالسلامة
لوجي باين عليها انها كانت مريضة سلامتكم كلكم

Redrose said...

سلامات للجميع والله البنت حبيبتي دابت...بابوشكا حلوة زي اللي عملتها

Anonymous said...

سلامات والله عليكم كلكم..... ياحرام مرة البنت تعبانة....ماشاءالله مرة حلوة البابوشكا شكلي حاحاول اعمل زيك

ريال مدريد