Saturday, April 25, 2009

Circle of love..

This Friday we went to the weekly lunch after a few weeks of not going. It was a very lovely lunch, kids and grownup alike had a great time..
Kids had an emotional moment, a group hug that is oh so cute mashallah, may they stay loving and caring to each other for all their lives..

Noticed the youngster in the middle? cuuuuuute mashallah.

After lunch we decided to go to the Japanese shop Daiso, it was a nice outing all the cousins with no kids shopping and taking our time, and we did.. An hour and half spent in one small shop filled with goodies we didn't know how to

I got some cute pink stuff, most of which are not needed as usual but who cares, they r pink!!
Ok these are only part of what I got , I forgot to take pictures of the rest..
This one was without the flowers, I just thought they looked good in there.

Those will look great with my all pink dishes, which I got last eid from mom as a gift and didn't use yet.. One day inshallah, in my own home.. :P

Some kind of decoration in a pattern I saw a lot on the net and loved so much, not all pink but with pink roses..

Stickers, a small pouch , a reusable shopping bag (inside the matching wallet-like thingy) , an eyelet pliers.. All in pink ( plus tiny containers for lotions and so I got to give as part of a gift)

Tweezers, eye pencil sharpener and a nail clipper, again in the most gorgeous color ever, pink

What do u think? I just need to get the coffee thermos in pink polka dots my aunty saw and didn't get me :P for the one day home lol
No I am not expecting any new home, a girl can dream, can't she? ;)


moonface1211 said...

مبرووك عليك الحاجات الوردية المنقطة ههههه والله محل حلو انبسطت فيه وحلو الشوبينغ معاك ;)
بلال ماشالله يجنن في الصورة

Redrose said...

ok point taken :)
I'll get it as soon as I get a chance to go to Suwaket street....