Monday, April 13, 2009

Something cute

I have been reading lately in some new blogs, there are many creative ladies out there, wow mashallah it is a joy reading about their work..

And I happened to see some how-to videos on youtube working with paper crafts.. So good they made me wanna get my own papers out and do something, so I started with this little thing

What do you think of my purse? it opens so you can put something small in it, and had wire and bead handles , I can't remember where did I get the template from though, I tend to go around saving anything I like without remembering their source.. Sorry about that .

And it is small and cute, look at my kid modeling it ( ignore her messy look she was just jumping on the bed shouting like crazy when I started taking the pictures and insisted she wanna model for me :P )

I'm thinking how cute can these look with a piece of chocolate in them for a birthday party or something..


Anonymous said...

i like the idea can we do tha for sama party like do 50 off thim .... how long it takes.... is it easy todo or to learn ...
thanks keep being crative

moonface1211 said...

امممم حلوة حسيت انها تنفع حق توزيع مواليد جوتها شوكلاته ولا حفلة