Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Life goes on...

Actually I don't feel any different now that I am a year older lol..
To be honest I was very scared of this time of the year, what's with being divorced in the same day as my birthday and all the memories and emotions that come with that, but I found out that I was afraid for nothing. True I felt sad for a while, but like I just said, life goes on, and with every close and dear person wishing me a happy birthday I felt very sure of my ability to be happy again, I can be happy, I will be happy because I deserve to be happy..

And I am truly blessed with many loving people 7amdillah.. I love you all :)

So I didn't get gifts in the sense of wrapped parcels, mom gave me money ( upon my request ) since I don't really feel I need anything at the moment. and my lovely talented kid gave me cards and songs and many hugs and kisses ( best gifts )..

I had all three meals outside the house , with mom and the kiddo , then my friends.. over all it was a very nice day 7amdillah I couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate.

Of course my perfect celebration activity wouldn't be restaurants, as much as I love food having something more fun to do is more appealing to me, you know like movies, bowling , bike riding , ski diving (not really but hey why not?? ) or even a show or a concert.. Maybe next year.

I went to Zamil ( since it is the next best thing for a scrapbooking store that we have here ) and got a bit of my present from the money mom gave me.
Felt.. In all colors of the rainbow..yummmmmmmm

I know it has nothing to do with scrapbook, I got (ladies, anyone needs a piece no need to buy any ;) )
I also got some more fabric and a few card making kits..

I just need to do something crafty, would anyone help motivate me?? :P

In my birthday lunch we went to Fridays , my little creative girl - mashallah - loved posing for pictures using things hanging on the walls..

She looks cute mashallah.

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