Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Altering clipboard

I saw this project in many blogs .. So many that I felt I really want to try it , even though I have no use for a clipboard. But I remembered my friend saying she want to get one for her gym visits, so I thought if it turned out well I can always give it to her ;)

While I was last in Bahrain visiting my favorite place, the scarpbooking store, I found this little thing..

It was unfinished of course, and cost around 25 ryals... I found it expensive but I wanted to try this project at any cost.. Funny thing is , when I went to the Japanese shop last Friday I found it there for 6 ryals...Imagine that.. But at least I know now where to find it if I need more :P

So the first thing I did was trying to make some sort of a template to cut my paper with

Then the best - and hardest- part is chosing my papers. I have many options some times it make me stuck lol

Some gluing and lots of dissapointment over the results not being what I imagined them to be , and I got this...


So what do you think? Should I give to my friend or just stick it in one of the most forgotten corners of my room??


moonface1211 said...

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That is definately worth sharing, it turned out nicely!