Wednesday, May 06, 2009

After school activities

When school is done I pick up my kid and her friend and drop her to her mom's work place ( which is the same as my mom's work place) sometimes we like to hang around with them, kids making all the noise they can manage after a few hours of school ( and boy do they manage well mashallah ) while grownups talk and finish their work.

We went the other day after school and work for a very nice pizza place that over looks the sea.. I love that restaurant because it's usually empty on the afternoon and the views there are great,

Plus they have a small kids playroom, which our kids didn't like as much as playing in the outdoor area watching the sea and the cats fighting over our pizza leftover pieces thrown to them by mom!!

It's nice having more than one kid with you, they tend to be busy with each other and not nag as much lol
Plus they have a good time of course :P

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