Friday, May 15, 2009

Another fun day for the kids

Yesterday we took the kids ( my friend's and mine) to the indoor amusement park in Hyper Panda. Lucky for me (but not for my friend:P) her husband left the city for the weekend so when I told her I was going there with my kiddo she told me she will come too.

It's very nice to see my only kid play happily with her sister and brother-like friends, while I enjoy running behind them with my sister-like friend.. At least I am not running alone lol

All in all it was a very nice day 7amdillah, whenever mom travels (which she is doing for the weekend) I feel alone, even when everyone is around me. I guess it's hard to ask my daughter to grow up and separate from me when I am not doing that myself :P But hey shhhhhh don't tell my kid.

I am so grateful for such friends to go out with, who have three generations for our own three generations to enjoy the time with, kids, moms and grandmas. whenever we r all together each one of us have a buddy to talk with, in fact a whole loving family that think of us as family too..

I love you T family :) ( and that of course includes the R branch :P )

P.S I also went again to Daiso the Japanese store and got me more pink things, but I will not post pictures here. lool I think you all had enough pink in this blog for a while ;) But I got a new pink wallet, an isolated bag (pink polka dots) for cold or hot things, a pink waste bin and a pink polka dot hair elastic thingy. Plus a pink polka dot ribbon and a collection of pastel colored origami papers.

I love that place ;)

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