Sunday, May 24, 2009

A gift voucher card

I had a gift voucher that I wanted to give to my friend for her birthday, it's too late to give it in a normal birthday card, so I got this idea of making her a card with a turtle on it to show that I know the gift got to her late..

Problem is I didn't have any turtle paper, sticker or embellishment.. So I turned to the net for pictures. When I found the right one I printed 3 of them and cut and glued them together to give it a 3D effect.. ( sorry for then unfocused picture I need to start using my camera again instead of my mobile )

I did the same for a cake picture, again in 3D, then used some papers and and a plain white card to get this gift voucher holder..

I loved it so much that I am thinking of using the net more often to get clip art and cartoons to use on cards.

And what do you think of my new pink stuff? I got them from Daiso.. ( yes , again :P )

The pink sticky tape dispenser has a cutter in it for easy use, very nice idea but poorly made since every time I cut the tape I had to struggle to find the end of it to use it again. And the scissors aren't very comfy on the fingers when used for a long time . But pink is cute.. ;)


Anonymous said...

حلو تسلم يدك

Redrose said...

very innovative and cute!!