Friday, May 22, 2009


I've wanted to do the word album for so long since I sow it in many blogs . I even bought one of those word albums that comes blank waiting to be decorated , but I got the one spelling LOVE.

And like always, when I get something that I won't be able to get another of, because this was bought from Bahrain, I find it hard to use it.

So one day I was sitting there looking at an empty water bottles box when an idea hit me, why not try to make my own word album using this box?
I was bored that day so I felt happy that any kind of idea came to my mind and I started using my large alpha chips as templates , and cut the book into the 4 letters I chose, B A B Y.

It was hard to cut and the sides didn't come out well but who care it was an experiment..
After cutting them I left them for a few days cuz my hands hurt while cutting :P

Then I started decorating them by sticking both sides of each letter with patterned paper, and then punching two holes at the side for my metal thingy to hold the pages together..

It was a fun project, many pages, many embellishments and it was filled with memories since I used my daughter's baby pictures.

Of course I had to print a smaller size pictures to fit into the somehow narrow pages..

When everything was stuck into it's place I added the round metal thingy ( dunno what it's name :P ) and a few ribbons , And I got myself a cute album..

Next time if I am going to do it to sell it I will use a different kind of cardboard inshallah, something that would look more professional..

And finally I would like to leave you with another cute picture of the kids on our Friday lunch family gathering..

Mashallah so cute :)


moonface1211 said...

i want ask you a bout the circle things where are you found it ?

Rosy pink said...

this round metal thing i got from many places like meshwar, and I think there are some in jareer . I'm not sure also but maybe I saw some in Daiso too. Try this bookstore next to you maybe you can find some :)