Sunday, May 10, 2009

Some more changing..

It seems like I can't stay still with my stuff in the same place for long, ever since I started having my own craft room and I keep turning my furniture around to get the best layout, the one that will help me create more and better (hopefully)

So this time after trying to do some crafting lately I discovered that having my working material scattered around the working table is making me annoyed, having to cut my train of thoughts to get a ribbon or look for buttons is something that making me think less of crafting. It might sound strange but that's me.

I decided to solve this problem by switching the places of the expedit which has the tv on it , and my fabric cabinet. It now looks like this ..

Now everything I need to work with is behind me , easily accessible and on the same level of my chair, no need to even stand up. You might say standing up is good as an exercise , it is but not while you are in a hurry to see your idea on paper before you lose it :P

So now inshallah I can get more done.

If only I can stop thinking of food...!!!
I am hungry, I just re joined the diet world system which delivers me my meals to my house. It's a good system and the food is good, but very little small portions, and like everytime I start to diet I can't seem to stop thinking of food or getting a headache.. I'm only on my second day maybe that's why I am finding it hard.. We'll see.

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