Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Party masks

We had a party this afternoon, my kid and I..
It's crafting time again and I had to look for a fun project, which happened to me masks this time. I found a printable mask online, it was a bit elaborate and seemed hard to cut around, but we managed well, cutting through the small parts since it was already a big mask.

I printed two in one page so the kid's mask was excellent on her small face , and you can imagine how mine looked on me lol

After printing and cutting we used some children large glitter ( or should I call them sequences? I dunno ) to decorate the mask, and then we stuck some colored feathers on the top and ribbons to hold it on


And the party began... What a good exercise it is dancing on very loud Hannah Montana music..!

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moonface1211 said...

والله انا متوهقة وانت جبتيلي فكرة هههه ممكن تديني مواقع او موقع الماسك دا لأنه مدرسة عزوز طلبوا من كل ام تقدم عمل للطلاب في الصف الإثنين الجي ان شالله اي شي عمل فني دعاء..نشيد وابا اسو عمل فني وبفكر...لسه اش اسوي